Antonia Lofaso

My Culinary Voice: Antonia Lofaso

Here, the chef and restaurateur shares three distinctions of the food she serves and her daily goal. Read more about her culinary career and restaurant management advice from the August Meet the

Susan Feniger shares her culinary voice.

My Culinary Voice: Susan Feniger

Chef Susan Feniger made a name for herself with the Border Grill empire, and after 25 years, her celebration of street food expanded beyond Mexican. On a visit to our Los Angeles campus, she shares

Chef Frank's lasagna

Three Keys to Creamy, Meaty Lasagna

"Pancetta is basically cured pork belly," Chef Frank explains. The salt and fat content add "depth and richness to tomato sauce." After seasoning and browning short ribs, he adds red wine, red chili

Rib-eye and pineapple pico de gallo tacos.

Pro Tacos with Pineapple Pico de Gallo

Chef Kelvin elevates the typical taco with rib-eye rather than ground beef, layers of flavor and techniques he's honed for 12 years. For his signature pico and guac, he selects firm tomatoes, red

Banana-Passionfruit Gelato

Picture-Perfect Passionfruit Gelato

The keys to Chef Rory's elevated ice cream interpretation are consistency, texture and flavor combination. The Pacojet machine's powerful blade turns anything into a puree with perfect texture

Chef Frank Proto teaches the Try Guys how to make sushi.

The Try Guys Learn How to Make Sushi at ICE

Chef Frank says making your own sushi isn't as intimidating as home cooks might think. "As long as you learn rice technique and get good fish, it's not that hard, it just takes practice," he says

Chef Penny makes cute dogs out of ice cream.

How to Make a Dog-Themed Ice Cream Scene


Chef Alex Atala shares his culinary voice at ICE.

My Culinary Voice: Chef Alex Atala

Could chefs lead the charge in the effort to save our planet? Chef Alex Atala certainly thinks so. The Brazilian chef’s commitment to his native cuisine goes beyond cooking delicious food and is well

Ignacio Mattos Culinary Voice

My Culinary Voice: Chef Ignacio Mattos

When it comes to his culinary voice, Chef Ignacio Mattos is all about the palate — and less about fussy presentation. The Uruguayan-born chef cut his teeth alongside Francis Mallman and Alice Waters —

Hotel lettering sign over a bed - Photo by Bill Anastas via Unsplash

So, You Want to Pursue a Food or Hospitality Career?

While some ICE hospitality graduates, like Rommel, pursue careers in hotels and resorts, you may be surprised to learn that others decide to pursue culinary-focused roles, landing positions with

pastry students happily baking bread at school in NYC

Over $160,000 Up For Grabs!

For this year’s contest, public vote will determine the semi-finalists and the finalists will appear on The Chew to compete for the coveted awards. The Chew’s co-hosts Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly and

chef vivian howard

My Culinary Voice: Vivian Howard

2017 was an incredible year for Vivian Howard (Culinary ’03). While continuing to lead critically acclaimed Chef & the Farmer and the beloved neighborhood oyster bar Boiler Room, she opened a third

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