Chef Stephanie Izard

Stephanie Izard’s Key to Restaurant Success Is to Celebrate Your Team

Chef Stephanie Izard hopes the next generation of chefs and culinary entrepreneurs will “learn everything you can, and when you make the next step in choosing which restaurant you want to work at

Great White chef Betsy Wiegand

ICE Alum Dives Into Head Chef Position at Great White

Betsy didn’t know she wanted to become a chef at first; however, a series of life experiences led her on a journey into the kitchen, where she feels herself and most at home. Coming from a family that

Kenneth Peterson Jr.

From Louisiana Seafood to Los Angeles' Providence

Family is incredibly important to Kenneth, who twice put plans to attend culinary school aside to care for his ailing parents, the people who fostered his love for food. The Peterson family rarely

Everton Tulloch in the ICE kitchen

ICE Alum Followed Steve Harvey’s Advice to Culinary School

Four months after getting laid off and in a slump, the normally jovial Everton Tulloch was struggling to crack a smile. Wanting to end her husband’s sulking around the house, Everton’s wife suggested

Matt Wagner in Culinary Arts class

Changing Careers at 30

So you’re thinking of changing careers, especially after the last 18 months as, like so many other people, the pandemic has reoriented your priorities. There’s a good chance you have some kind of

Culinary Arts Chef-Instructor Chris Arturo

Meet Chef Chris Arturo

Chef Chris Arturo has a lot of stories to tell, and he’s bringing them into the classroom. The long-time chef started out running a Barnes & Noble and then worked at a Guitar Center selling half

Erin in the ICE kitchen

From Modeling for Vogue to Pastry at Spago

Erin Gruber was genuinely captivated by the prospect of working with pastries in eighth grade, when her classmates were enticed by desserts during a mentorship program at a bakery. While the notion of

Sam Guber

ICE Alum Becomes Sous Chef at Jon & Vinny’s

Sam loved cooking from a young age. A native Angeleno and an explorer of all cuisines, he describes that some of his favorite childhood memories took place around his family’s dinner table. With an

Aviv On at ICE

ICE Alum Pursues Third Diploma

Aviv On began working at his parents’ kosher catering business, Bazilikum (Hebrew for “basil”), during his senior year at Beverly Hills High School. At 17 years old, working in the kitchen was simply

Chef Alon Langleib with students

Meet Chef Alon Langleib

After serving in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) from age 18 to 22, Alon evaluated his strengths and weakness with his brother to determine a course of study and career trajectory. "I breathe food. I

Tanya Pustelnik

ICE Alum Divides Her Time Between Two of Orange County’s Hottest Restaurants

Tanya thrives off of a busy schedule. Leaving behind a demanding corporate job as a manager to pursue a lifelong passion by attending culinary school, Tanya has proven that she can excel at anything

Chef Norma at ICE LA

Meet Chef Norma Salazar

There is no (sugar-filled) challenge too great for Pastry & Baking Arts Chef-Instructor Norma Salazar. Case in point: Prior to joining ICE, the classically trained, foundationally French chef was

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