These Pumpkin Spice Bananas Foster Crêpes Scream Fall

At its core, pumpkin spice — or pumpkin pie spice — is a blend of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove and allspice. “I love pumpkin spice,” says ICE New York’s Lead Recreational Chef-Instructor


Recipe: Eggplant Manti

Greenmarkets have been fixtures throughout the five boroughs since 1976, showcasing nature’s bounty and various products from around the Tristate area and beyond. A part of GrowNYC, which launched in

pea soup

Cool Off with this Pea and Avocado Soup

A refreshing bowl of chilled pea soup — rich in vitamins A and K — is a great way to beat the heat. ICE’s Director of Culinary Affairs, Hervé Malivert, partners his peas with avocado to give it a

collard greens

Recipe: Stuffed Collard Green Wraps

“Salt is your friend.” Wise words spoken by Shenarri “Greens” Freeman, Executive Chef of acclaimed Cadence restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village, during her demonstration at ICE’s New York campus. A


A Taste of Home: This Traditional Austrian Cake is Perfect for Summer

Now, living in the United States, he finds the taste of home through the simple and traditional Austrian cake. Obstfleck is typically made with apricots and other stone fruits, best served during


How to Upgrade Your Summer Lobster Roll

Grab your novelty lobster-print bib and prepare yourself. There's a different, not-so-secret type of lobster roll that may change your life, or at least, your summer cookouts. Native to New England


Your Summer BBQ Deserves a Bloomin’ Onion

What does it take to bloom an onion? Some simple ingredients, a little bit of time and a big appetite. If you’ve never partaken in the cult classic favorite seen at many chain steakhouses across the

Chef Herve shows his traditional pâté en croûte.

How ICE’s Director of Culinary Affairs Celebrates Bastille Day

Bastille Day is celebrated every year on July 14th, marking the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, a state prison, in 1789. The historic day marked the beginning of the French Revolution and


Pump Up Your Avo Toast Game with a Circulated Egg

Operating as temperature-controlled water environments, immersion circulators can be used to sous vide a variety of proteins — including eggs. “Back in the day when I worked brunch at the restaurant


This Lobster En Brioche Is a Thing of Dreams

As the weather gets warmer, we find ourselves looking towards crisp ingredients to satiate our appetites, like vibrant asparagus, spring peas and an abundance of herbs. “I love all the greens,” says

fried beef kibbeh

Einat Admony's Fried Beef Kibbeh

In Yiddish, the term balaboosta means "perfect housewife." Einat Admony, chef and owner of fine dining Middle Eastern restaurant Balaboosta in Manhattan's West Village neighborhood, champions this


How to Make the Best Poutine Ever

When it comes to poutine, you’d be hard-pressed to find a chef — or anyone, really — who doesn’t like the hefty bar snack. Hailing from Québec, poutine is a combination of French fries tossed with

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