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Fundamentals of Cheese: Understanding Gouda

Lots of different cheese styles — even popular ones — have their detractors, but whenever I teach cheese classes, I’ve never met someone who doesn’t say they absolutely love gouda. It inspires

Assorted charcuterie meats, vegetables and bread sit on a brown board

How to Make a Charcuterie Board

As the perfect centerpieces for parties, picnics and more, charcuterie boards are all the rage. Traditionally served as an array of meats and cheeses, this dish is familiar to any modern foodie or


Culinary Arts Student Featured on Rachael Ray Show

Alessandra Ciuffo, a Culinary Arts student at ICE's New York campus, was featured on the Rachael Ray Show — again. On Monday, January 9, 2023, Alessandra returned to Rachael Ray’s kitchen after her


Meet Chef Joshua Resnick

A native of Croton-on-Hudson, New York, just north of the five boroughs, Chef Joshua recalls that, family nights out typically meant heading to whatever local red sauce eatery was currently poppin’


Fundamentals of Cheese: Getting the Blues

There are those who love their wonderful funk and bite (myself included), and then there are those who...don’t get it (my younger self included). To move toward a deeper understanding of what these


Fundamentals of Cheese: 3 American Cheeses Fit for the President of France

On an occasion when cheese is worthy of a national headline, however, there’s a great deal of unqualified excitement for those who make, sell or appreciate cheese. Such was the case earlier this month

ICE alum Brian Duncan stands holding a tray of plastic containers

Three Crucial Habits You Should Learn In Culinary School

During my own culinary school experience at ICE in 2011, one fellow student stood out as someone who would likely have many opportunities in the culinary realm. He stood out not necessarily because he

A pot of flaming liquid pours onto a stuffed squash on a white plate

Chef Shawn’s Show-Stopping Squash En Flambé Centerpiece

Chef-Instructor Shawn Matijevich, the Lead Chef of Online Culinary Arts & Food Operations at The Institute of Culinary Education, knows how to impress a holiday crowd. “I’m usually trying to think of


Fundamentals of Cheese: All About Alpine Cheese

Classic cheese fondue. French onion soup. An oozing wheel of raclette scraped over a plate of ham, potatoes and pickles. These hearty winter dishes, whose cheese involvement can best be described as

A bottle of olive oil pours into a glass bowl surrounded by green olives

Key Ingredient: Olive Oil

Having previously offered a deep dive on our other favorite fat, butter, here we get into the nitty gritty when it comes to one of the most versatile cooking fats: olive oil. Marisa Bloch, General

grana padano

Fundamentals of Cheese: The Difference Between Parmigiano-Reggiano, Grana Padano and Pecorino

Italy has no shortage of firm, salty cheeses that have numerous culinary applications. They can be nibbled on their own, grated on top of pastas and salads or used to add texture and umami to soups


ICE's Ultimate Guide to Culinary Scholarships

For some applicants, the dream of attending ICE seems impossible due to an inability to obtain financing. But, with the help of ICE's Office of Student Financial Services, that dream may be able to

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