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A Deep Dive Into Oysters with Patrick McMurray

In the first five minutes of my culinary externship, I was asked to shuck oysters. (We’re talking oysters on the half-shell that would be whisked from my newly occupied station to a table in the


What Is a Sous Chef?

A sous chef plays an important role in the formal hierarchy of a kitchen team, acting as the executive chef’s second-in-command, supervising cooks and overseeing day-to-day operations. The sous chef

Thick slices of cheddar cheese

Fundamentals of Cheese: Understanding Cheddar

Cheddar cheese is the second-most consumed cheese in the U.S., just behind mozzarella. Despite it being our go-to cheese for nachos, burgers, grilled cheeses and homemade cheddar cheese sauce for mac


Charcuterie 101

If cheese is milk's attempt at immortality, the same can be said for charcuterie and meat. The term “charcuterie” comes from the French term chair cuit, which literally translates to “cooked flesh,”


Can Instructors Teach 5-Star Restaurant Skills Online? Absolutely!

If you love cooking and your goal is to make a career out of your passion, enrolling in culinary school is a great start. While we have campuses in vibrant, food-centric cities (New York and Los


ICE Alum Amanda Lee Brings A Winning Dish to Campus

Amanda Lee is an ICE alum (Culinary Arts ‘20) who won the United States of Umami Culinary Competition in 2019. She was chosen out of a contest of eight students at ICE, and was then sent to the

fundamentals of cheese

Fundamentals of Cheese: 5 Major Cheese Styles Every Chef Should Know

I recall an early lesson on product recognition from my own ICE curriculum, which involved tasting a wide range of fresh and cultured dairy products, including a number of different styles of cheese.


ICE Alum Drew Johnson on Externing at a Brand New Restaurant

The externship, which provides real-life restaurant experience for Institute of Culinary Education students, is the final piece of the educational puzzle. After completing all of the kitchen classroom


ICE Alum Mashama Bailey Wins Top Honors at 2022 James Beard Awards

“You cannot believe how happy we are to be back here live in Chicago,” remarked Fred Seegal, the James Beard Foundation’s Chairman of the Board. “I’m extremely proud of all the things that we’ve


7 Surprising Ingredients You Can Grill

“While a lot of people think of grilling as a technique that anyone with a beer in their hand can do after sitting in the sun all day, it actually involves a lot of finesse and understanding about how

Plate with pork belly and petits pois a la Francaise on the side

Chef Barry's Pork Belly with Petits Pois à la Française

Fair warning: Chef Barry Tonkinson's recipe for pork belly with petits pois à la Française, or French-style peas, calls for the peas to be shelled before cooking. While peeling the skins off peas is

International externships at ICE

Four ICE Classmates On Their International Externships

In many of ICE’s programs, after on-campus training ends, an industry externship is planned. These externships are completed around the United States, most frequently near our campuses in New York and

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