Sweet Crepe

Chef Penny's Passion Champagne Crepes

Chef Penny says anywhere water is called for, you can replace that with a flavorful liquid — like Champagne, which in the case adds a little bit of lightness to the final dish thanks to the

rabbit and morcilla paella

Chef Frank's Meat Paella

Chef Frank uses morcilla, a smoky and delicious blood sausage, and rabbit for flavor. He shows how to properly cut an onion and pepper, and explains why he adds Italian long hot peppers and fava beans

Frank Proto's pork chop with chimichurri

How to Make Pork Chops Tender

Chef Frank sources a heritage breed Berkshire pig that's lovingly cared for and fatty. To taste the pork, he uses a brine — a salty solution of water, spices and herbs — rather than a marinade. He

duck ravioli with nettles

Duck Confit Ravioli

"Making pasta is not as difficult as people think," Chef Frank assures. He uses Italian 00 flour for silkiness and wild nettles for green pasta dough with a taste like tangy spinach. Chef Frank

kale clover and pineapple tart

Mother's Day Recipes

There are four keys to making proper puff pastry like a pastry chef. Keep it cold. The beautiful layers will only stay layers if you work with the dough cold and keep it cold throughout the process

milk-fed lamb dish

Chef Arnaud Bignon's Spring Lamb Recipe

Chef Arnaud focuses on the quality of ingredients to drive his cuisine. He uses an eclectic mix of global influences to balance the flavors throughout. A take on a North African spice blend adjacent

shiso congee

How to Use the Shiso Plant this Season

Both an herb and a leafy green, shiso is a therapeutic food in ancient systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some recent research suggests the plant may be helpful in reducing histamine

meatloaf wellington

Chef Chris Scott's Meatloaf Wellington

Follow Chef Chris' recipe below for a crispy, flaky, juicy wellington, and get his pro trick for preventing the dough from cracking or collapsing in the video. {"preview_thumbnail":"/sites/default

Michael Laiskonis' Mont Blanc Dessert

A Modern Mont Blanc

Named for its resemblance to the famed snow-capped peak straddling the border of France and Italy in the Alps, the dessert likely has its origins in the latter, but it has been embraced as a staple of

dark chocolate nut butter cups

Healthy-ish Valentine's Day Treats

We’re already into February, which means Valentine’s Day is coming! For many of us, this brings sweet treats and sugary snacks. Chocolate has long been associated with love, so we shouldn’t completely

crab chowder

Chef Frank's Crab Chowder

Chef Frank sources live crab, starchy potatoes, jumbo lump crab meat for body and texture, and big, thick chunks of bacon called lardon for his crab chowder. He purees half of his soup for thickening

Chef Palak Patel's dosa

Chef Palak's Dosa Recipe

Dosa is a beautiful, paper-thin rice crepe made with a fermented batter. Chef Palak stuffs her authentic version with potatoes, masala, green coconut chutney, freshly grated coconut and more, serving

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