hazelnut chocolate

Making Every Move Count: Cooking With Economy

Describing the kitchen as tiny would be an understatement — there was barely enough room for three cooks. The chef and owner, Rick Halberg, became my first important mentor. While I learned a lot from

toba garrett teaching pastry arts students in culinary school

4 Things this Non-Baker Learned During the Pastry Module

As many of my culinary-minded classmates could also tell you, baking and cooking are different beasts that require vastly different skills to master. Whereas cooking allows you to throw in a little of

Pastry Student Pablo Moreno

Flying the Coop: Pastry Student Pablo Moreno Finds Fresh Perspective at ICE

We sat down with Pablo to get the answer to this question, and to chat about topics like the most useful thing he’s learned at ICE, his advice for prospective culinary students and whether he’s a fan

milk chocolate praline in an architecture inspired pastry

Borrowing Lessons from Architecture in the Pastry Kitchen

I think a lot about architecture and design. It's a closet interest of mine, though I must admit that my passion is limited to: I don't know much about architecture, but I know what I like. One of the

A cake made by pastry chef kate sullivan

Pastry Chef Kate Sullivan Gives Us The Scoop on Her Confectionary Creations

We caught up with Chef Kate to chat about her signature style and her biggest cake challenge in anticipation of her upcoming CAPS course at the Institute of Culinary Education. In Cake Carving: The

Chef Ebow Dadzie

Learn the Art of Chocolate Showpieces with Chef Ebow Dadzie

Chef Ebow even earned the Guinness World Record for building the tallest sugar skyscraper in 2006 — talk about setting your sights high. ICE is excited to host Chef Ebow for his upcoming hands-on

Red apples at the greenmarket

Autumn’s Apples Abound

Afterwards, we would treat ourselves to an afternoon ride, with a small sack of apples we had saved for the horses. This was followed by evenings of baking and canning, reserving the apple peels and

melting chocolate

Check Out Our Chocolate Master Class with Chef Michael

Over a dozen ICE alumni are participating in this year’s events, including Matt Hyland of Emily Pizza and Emmy Squared, Anne Redding of Uncle Boons and Mr. Donahue’s, Sohui Kim of the Good Fork and

bagels ready to be baked

10 Tips for Making Schmear-Worthy Homemade Bagels

The class, a mix of culinary students and recreational bakers like myself, was led by ICE’s dean of bread baking and Balthazar’s founding bread baker, Sim Cass. The London native has been deemed the

s'more dessert with chocolate graham cracker and marshmallow

History of the S’more

If you’re the average marshmallow consumer and not a food historian, that can be hard to believe. The commercially made and mass-produced treats that seem to have a never-ending shelf life feel like a

sifting finished chocolate

Refining and Conching: Unlock the Bean's Potential

The final steps in processing our bean-to-bar chocolate make up the longest phase of the manufacturing process—a waiting game where the true essence of the bean, its complex flavor and its silky

Martha Stewart with students in a pastry and baking arts class in new york

Martha Stewart Bakes With ICE Students

Each episode of the show introduces viewers to a new baking tip or technique. "The sixth season of the show is particularly special to me, with talented culinary students joining me on each episode,”

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